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Professional Descaler is a 3 in 1 product suitable for all brands of washing machines and dishwashers. Removes limescale, detergent  residue and sanitizes all internal parts.
Price:   £14.00

Cleaning Accessories

Oven Mate is highly effective and easy to use, just brush it on and watch the grease melt away!
The kit contains 500ml of cleaning gel, applicator brush, disposable gloves.
Price:   £9.00   


The Faultless Hot Iron Cleaner is our most recent discovery. It removes burnt on marks easily, without scratching your iron soleplate, thus preserving it's shiny, smooth appearance and restoring it's efficiency.

This product contains 28g of paste in a tube.

Price: £8.50

All of the above products have been used by ourselves so we are happy to recommend them. You will also find them endorsed by other independent organisations. All of the above are nearly always stocked on our vehicles and can be delivered locally.
If you require further information about our cleaning products please call our professional cleaner on 07812 781726 or if you are expecting an engineer visit, ask them for details.

Sink & Drain Unblocker 1000g  is a gel like mixture of bleaching agents, which not only removes stains but also dissolves grime by clinging to problem areas. Thus clearing u bends and overflow inlets like never before!  Have your worktops become sticky? Call us for the solution.

Price:   £3.00


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